Cupping in
Myofascial Release



Suction cups are an excellent ally for myofascial and muscle relaxation, release of tension and contractures, deactivation of trigger points and also for aesthetic purposes. Due to its practicality in application, cupping therapy is an easy, fast and effective way to treat many symptoms, in a single application or as a complementary part of other treatments.

The main objective of this workshop is that you learn to use the different techniques of cupping therapy correctly and without risks, in a course that is 80% practical.
  • Degree in Physical Education, Sports High Performance Center, BsAs, ARG
  • Post Graduate in Traditional Chinese Medicine, BR and China
  • Teacher of the Pilates Method, BR
  • Yoga Teacher, BALI
  • Therapist in the World Surf League for over 14 years
It is intended for those who have experience in the field of manual therapies.
Formadora de Ventosas de relaxamento miofascial
Florencia Astegiano
She has been working in the field of Sports and Health for over 25 years working with high-level Olympic athletes and patients from several countries.

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