Pilates is not just a workout routine, it is a way of life.

Our customers are our main focus. Our mission is to create a positive and meaningful impact on their minds and bodies as we believe that is where well-being comes from.





The philosophy and methodology applied in welcoming, in differentiated and personalized treatment, and in the focus on customer satisfaction and fulfillment, is the identity of the SPOT PILATES concept and a responsibility assumed by all employees.

In our facilities you will find a fully equipped studio for the practice of Pilates and we also have an Aesthetics and Treatments office, destined to Exercise Therapies.

if you would like to solve some pathology that bothers you, or you are looking to relieve physical pain caused by emotional problems, Pilates and our #spotyourself philosophy are what you are looking for.

Joana Martins

Being a doctor’s daughter,I have always been very curious and interested in everything that concerns the human body. I was a competitive athlete in several modalities since I was a child and I could not have followed physical exercise as an academic choice, and later through Pilates, focused on a way to help and improve people’s quality of life, either them having or not pathologies, and that, in any way, needed to learn to move with quality.

“Each body is a body and therefore we must respect individuality. You have to evaluate individually, progress with awareness, give the body time to adapt, without skipping steps. Sometimes we want everything yesterday, I like to remind my clients of how long it took them to learn to walk, and to run. "

A life dedicated to sports and healthy lifestyle...
IN 2022 Spot Pilates Academy HAS started

The passion for the fitness world and the desire to offer the best possible service made Joana participate in trainings all over the world.

Born in Lagos, graduated in Physical Education and Sport, and Master in Health, Nutrition and Exercise from the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies, Lisbon (2000-2008).​A lover of sport. She was a Fitness instructor in Gyms and Health clubs for 8 years; had his first contact with the Pilates method through the school "The Pilates Institute Lisbon" in 2006, where he finished the Mat Pilates course. In 2014, he opened his first studio, Spot pilates in Lagos, in the city where she was born.

2003 - Fitness Instructor
CEF - Fitness Study Center

2005 -  Degree in Physical Education and Sport
Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies

2006 - Postgraduate Health, Nutrition and Exercise
Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies

2006 - Mat Pilates
The Pilates Institute, Lisboa.

2008 - Master in Health, Nutrition and Exercise
Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies

2010 - Training in rehabilitation and training through the pilates method
(mat, ball, flex ring, feldenkrais roller and equipment), by the Instituto of Exercise Acupuncture and Export, by Dr. Joel Steinman.

2014 - Opening of Spot Pilates
I abandoned all other activities and dedicated myself totally to teaching technique in post-rehabilitation, training and preparation of ordinary people and athletes..

2016 - Training in rehabilitation and training through the pilates method
By “Corporall Studio – Brazil” with Professor Roberta Santos.

2020 - Advanced Pilates 2.0 course
By the prestigious school of the Voll Pilates group.

2021 - Advanced Neuromuscular Integration Training
By the prestigious WellX ProSchool school.

2022 - Started Spot Pilates Academy
Spot Pilates grew, went from a studio to a gym with the addition of complementary services to our practice. And now you can also study and learn at Spot Pilates. Check out our new workshops.

How did the Pilates method come about?

Joseph Pilates, creator of the method, was born in Germany in 1880. He was a sick child and therefore dedicated himself from an early age to the study of the human body and the practice of physical exercise.Through his knowledge in subjects such as biology, physiology, yoga and martial arts, Pilates was able to create his method, based on control, which is nothing more than the complete and harmonious coordination between body, mind and spirit.
I can say that, in addition to the original principles created by the mentor “Joseph Pilates”, which makes this method so passionate, and that I follow with the greatest admiration and respect,I apply my own method, which is a combination of the knowledge and experiences I have seek, gathered and acquired along my professional career.


Top 3 Values

The reason our customers keep coming back…

Constant evolution

As a teacher I am always learning and looking for innovations in this area. I try to, every day, respond to my client’s needs.


Special attention to each person

Each person is unique, different bodies and personalities must be treated differently. That’s why we pay special attention to the selection, from the vast repertoire of Pilates exercises, the most appropriate for each student.​


Passion for practice and teaching Pilates

I continue to teach every day with the same love, passion and dedication. For me it’s not a job, it’s my vocation, the continuous desire to help my students achieve their goals and feel better everyday.








Joana Martins

 “My wish is that you  find a balance between loving your body and your mind and respecting your  individuality.” 

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