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Pilates classes

We offer classes in small groups (maximum 7 people) and private classes, fully adapted to your goals and conditions.



At spot pilates you can increase your knowledge through the workshops that we frequently provide in the areas of therapies, exercise and health.



We have a wide list of therapies that you can find in our consultation area, including massages, shiatsu, Ayurvedic therapies, osteopathy, aesthetic treatments.



To complement your Pilates classes, now at Spot Pilates we also have Nutrition consultations. Schedule an appointment with our specialist right now.

Joana sentada no colchão de Pilates

The Founder
of Spot Pilates

Joana Martins

After dedicating many years to the world of education, fitness, personalised training and a Masters Degree in Health, Nutrition and Exercise,  it was life and love for my family that introduced me to Pilates and its countless benefits. Spot Pilates is a professional, experienced and highly recommended studio, accessible to all those who are seeking a healthy lifestyle. Want to know more?
Get to know our #spotyourself philosophy.


Discover how Pilates method can improve your quality of life

Group classes

Our group classes are composed by maximum 7 people and are led by an instructor who will always take into account the specific needs of each student.

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Private classes

In a private class, you’ll benefit from the instructor’s undivided attention, in a personalised class completely tailored to your abilities / limitations.

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Latest Workshops

We provide Workshops for professionals in different areas who are
looking to expand their knowledge, conducted by leading experts in their fields.

Ventosas na libertacāo miofascial

Cupping in Myofascial Release

Terapia manual para atletas

Manual therapy for athletes

Logo take care of yourself

Spot Pilates

Complete your training routine with one of our additional services. In the therapy room you can enjoy a relaxing massage, nutrition consultation, osteopathy or different type of aesthetic procedure.

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Relaxing massage
Lymphatic Dranage
Facial Pelling
Aesthetic medicine








Comentários de clientes

I was diagnosed with lumbar hernia a short time ago, and I was unable to continue doing sports in the normal way. Then I discovered the Pilates spot, Joana. It has been one of the best experiences! The attention, the concern, all the care that you have with us, the good energy that is lived in this studio is spectacular. The truth is that they help us to feel good, they help to evolve within what is possible for our body, always with a lot of motivation and persistence. Pilates is a wave of good energy and well being, I don't want anything else I can only thank you for all the physical and psychological evolution I've been feeling. With much love by Olga

Olga L.

At 40 I met Spot Pilates and it completely changed my life. I arrived there with no physical form, neither agility nor flexibility; I never liked sport so much I never worked on my body. Just enter the door and you will be in love ... The flow you have is brutal. The classes with Joana are completely adapted to your limitations, it is the way of always wanting super art and wanting to do more and more. I go 2 hours a week and I can no longer see life without pilates. Joana is magical and motivating; she makes you the best version of you.

Rosa D. H.

Investing in Pilates by Spot Pilates is investing in health. From my own experience, I can say that it was the best thing I did for my health, mental and physical. Meeting Joana, who is the most charismatic and professional person I know in the world of sport, was life changing in terms of my will and pleasure to exercise. If you ever want to try the pilates method, you have to try it with Joana!

Beatriz S.